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Supporting Annyseed.

Well, the Annyseed Kickstarter is dead. Thanks to everyone who chipped in, but it looks like we'll have to go about things a different way.

The good news is, the website has already been funded. A huge thanks to Bill and Paul for their donations, and keeping Annyseed online.

So here's the new plan. - I will continue with Annyseed 1 - the Blood of Another, in my spare time, and without any fixed deadlines, so that we all get to see it finished.

If you would like to see Anny's adventures continue online after that, with Annyseed 2 - Hive of the Serpent King, please use the donate button below. The money will be used to hire a new penciler to take over from me. (Although the script and colors will still be done by myself.) I've also put a metre below so that we can keep track of progress.


Here's a peek at the Annyseed 2 character design. The Characters, art style, and story will mature slightly. Each of the 4 Annyseed stories will have a slightly different feel from the previous- Kinda like Doctor Who.


Alternatively, you can also help by purchasing my T-shirt designs on Red Bubble.


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