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Hi everyone! First of all I'd like to apologise for the recent problems this site has had with viruses. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. I can announce it's all totally cleaned up now. Secondly, this year has been so busy, I really had no idea it was going to bring Annyseed to a complete halt. I'm happy to say that Annyseed will continue in the new year now that I'm finding more time for it. Lastly, I want to bring to everyone's attention the link above that leads to my Deviant Art account. I also plan on spending more time in there over the coming months, and it's the perfect place to chat with me and see my other artwork. Happy Holiday Season to all!


Warning: Although seemingly innocent, Annyseed contains minor swear words, minor threat, a couple of disturbing moments + some sexual references, and is not recommended for people under 13 years of age.

-Annyseed is rated 13-


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Annyseed a cute, moe, shoujo, shojo, vampire, anime, manga, horror, comedy, fantasy, adventure, webcomic. Front Cover

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